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Ashlei Shannon has been in the business of creating, curating, and selling unique products since January 2009. We started as a jewelry and accessories company, later adding cosmetics. In 2017, we introduced an exciting assortment of home decor, and most recently added a stylish collection of kitchen accessories, party supplies, stationery, and gift items.

About Ashlei - Owner, Ashlei Shannon was born in the latest of 80's, in South Florida. She moved to Metro Atlanta as a teenager, and it was there, that her passion for fashion, eye for art, and love of design began to blossom.


As a sophomore business major (aka broke college student), Ashlei decided to tap into her entrepreneurial spirit and start a small jewelry business. She first began toying with the concept of mixing both fashion and art to create custom "decoupage" jewelry & really bold accessories. As the popularity of the pieces grew, Black Heart Accessories

(and later Ashlei Shannon) was born.  


Fast forward nine years. Ashlei Shannon has grown her brand into one that offers a wide selection of items that reflect her personal taste and style. "I'd wear or use anything in my collection." she says. She goes on to say, "The more I create and curate, the more designers, brands, and lines I discover and fall in love with. Even though I've been doing this for a while now, I still feel like I'm just getting started - and I have no plans of slowing down."

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